WISE WEEE booklet

An Ateliere Fara Frontiere project, in association with the SINTEF group, co-financed by Norway grants through the Green Industry Innovation Programme for Romania, operated by Innovation Norway.

Today, there is more gold in people’s drawers than in the world’s goldmines. At international level, experts talk about a true war for resources and raw materials.

On the other hand, the vast and ever increasing use of personal computers, laptops and tablets does and will create a great amount of electronic waste (that’s W.E.E.E, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) with many critical and valuable elements, rare metals and rare earth that are needed and can be re-processed in the industry (iron, copper, gold, platinum, selenium, aluminium, nickel, palladium, tantalum, etc.).

Unfortunately, adequate recovery of these elements from electronic waste is not achieved yet. Many of the critical metals and rare earths are reported to have total end-of-life recycling rates of less than 1%.

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