Three Happy Brewers

A brewery and beer garden in Bucharest

After starting production in June 2017, Three Happy Brewers is proud to announce the opening of its beer garden from Saturday July 1st, 2017.

Current production is an Australian-style Pale Ale, an IPA, a Belgian Single/Enkel and a Czech-style Pilsner. To these, will be added seasonal and experimental releases.

Three Happy Brewers was founded by a Belgian and two Italians who, after having enjoyed craft beers around the world, wanted to have the same quality and diversity of beers right here in Romania. The dream is now realised, and the team is happy!

Opening hours for the summer will be:
Wednesday to Friday, 5pm-9pm
Saturday to Sunday, 12pm-11pm

The beer garden is reached from Strada Rușețu 10, sector 6, across from the playground. The gate to the garden is at the end of the carpark. This is behind the Auchan on Bld Constructorilor.

Contact: David Raets, / 0729 151 310 or 0730 953 039

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