Expansion in Bucharest: H.Essers ensures its future and employment

Expansion H.Essers

On October 3, 2013 logistics service provider H.Essers opened a new warehouse of 33,000 sqm near the Romanian capital Bucharest. Today this state of the art warehouse is expanded with another 10,000 sqm for pharmaceutical products and hazardous goods, while the company has bought another 150,000 sqm at the same location in order to ensure its future growth.

The new warehouse, scheduled to be finished by the end of October 2017, is built according the strictest safety standards to meet the high quality demands of its customers. The warehouse is not only earthquake resistant according the highest standards, but its high Seveso storage space – equipped with foam sprinklers and complete leakage retention – offers an answer to the scarcity in the market. There are only 2 such warehouses throughout Romania, including this one owned by H.Essers. In addition, this site has a specialized on-site fire team permanently available.
In total the Bucharest site will cover an area of 260,000 sqm.

For H.Essers, this new warehouse complex represents the company’s international growth, serving as the second headquarter to further align the strategic plans regarding Eastern-Europe and at the same time it operates as the hub with Central Europe and Turkey.

Currently 180 people are working in this facility. Across Romania, the company employs 850 people for an amounted turnover of 60 million euro. This expansion involves an investment of 7 mio euro. In time 285 extra jobs will be created.

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