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Created in 2016, KJ WEB OFFICE is a young and dynamic structure. With headquarters in Bucharest and offices in Sibiu, we are a growing company. Our structure fits perfectly into the European movement. European Union is a unique market, advantaged by the free movement of products and services. Romania has an ultra-qualified workforce in the IT field, and the best Internet connection in Europe. We offer quality IT services to all European Union structures that want to outsource some of their activities.




Search for information on the web.
Do you want to obtain the published balance sheet parameters of a competitor or client? Do you want to conduct regular monitoring? Search for the coordinates of a missing person? Do you wish to supervise a competitor’s web-based publications or technological monitoring in your sector? Looking for recent and specialist information to feed your web site, blog, or professional pages?

Remote office

From a secure VPN, established between KJ WEB OFFICE and your structure, we are able to perform any type of remote administration service such as word processing documents (price offers, order vouchers, traditional secretarial services) Translation of any document in all languages of the European Union, monitoring of your invoices, document spelling correction services, secure updating of your database.


Searching for independent collaborators can be boring or even difficult. That is why few structures propose assistance in the recruitment of free-lance collaborators. Finding good CVs is not enough because the independent collaborator profile you are looking for must be able to represent your company image. Whether it’s the management of a subsidiary, a commercial agent or a completely different profile, it’s essential that your representative has the same business approach as yours. We propose an innovative and unique approach, using modern technologies.


Just started a business? Is your website obsolete? We tend to forget sometimes, but an website, the presence on social networks, or an application tailored to your company’s activity, is an absolute necessity. From the cost point of view, the website is often left behind, on a secondary plan. We offer you the creation and hosting of your website with easy maintenance for your services or with the possibility of maintenance from our IT department.


We are in the Web 2.0 era.
Your competitors evolve, evolve yourself!
With the help of KJ WEB OFFICE, you can create mobile applications to help you differentiate yourself from others, bringing you closer to your customers.

Every need has specific feature. Contact us to get a personalized offer!

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