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We all want to achieve more with less resources as the current business world is under constant pressure of being better, faster, smarter. In a competitive business environment, creative resourcefulness and thinking outside the box is a must in order to constantly create competitive advantage and added value to our customers. Choosing the location of your office is a strategic decision that will impact your business on long term and in a big way. As Michael Porter once said, “strategy is about making choices, trade-offs; it’s about deliberately choosing to be different”.
At Amera Group we take seriously our mission of providing a pleasant and effective working environment to our customers.
Make the smart choice, be creative, be different!

The Amera Tower project comes to materialize this vision, with its proportions and complexity. On an extremely dynamic market of business centers, Amera Tower wants to impose itself as the most proper alternative through its benefits and offered services.
Strategically outstanding out of the urban crowdedness, but close to the town center, easily reachable even with common conveyances, Amera Tower is a real business oasis: a surrounding gifted with all the elements to sustain the business flux – a generous parking space, spacious offices, a select restaurant and a classy business lounge.


Office Building Surfaces

Total built surface: 8.973 m2
Partial Underground Floor + Ground Floor + 11 floors.
Total net surface: 6.849 m2

Service Building Surfaces

Total built surface: 1.072 m2
Ground Floor + 4 Floors.
Total net surface: 831,31 m2

Parking Places

209 parking places with surveillance cameras and controlled access.
1 parking space assured at each 33 m² office surface.

General Presentation


Office Building Description

Finishing and features of the building

  • 4 modern elevators (Schindler, with a capacity of 6, 8, 8, 13 persons)
  • Technical raised floor 60x60cm, plated with modular carpet tiling, loop pile 50×50 cm, for high traffic use
  • IT room featured with a RACK on each floor, connected to the floor outlets located every 7 m2 of office space
  • Compartmented and open-space offices
  • The main entrance and each floor access is equipped with card reader / controlled system
  • Float windows with mobile glass panels
  • Gypsum board plated walls painted with white washable paint
  • Toilets on each floor (3 for men and 3 for women)
  • Toilets for disabled persons
  • Kitchenette on each floor with furniture, fridge and microwave


HVAC system

  • Complete BMS
  • Ventilation (mechanical, delivered fully equipped and operational)
  • 25 m3/hour fresh air per person; standard based on 6 m² of net office space per person and 1.5 m3 per person for meeting rooms
  • No return of used air, no recirculation
  • Fresh and cooling air via diffusers in suspended ceiling, office airflow max. 0.15 m3/sec at 1.5 m above floor
  • Noise level <35 dB in office areas
  • Separate ventilation system for toilets and restaurant
  • Cooling (mechanical, delivered fully equipped and operational)
  • Additional/specific cooling capacity for – tenant’s individual IT rooms located on every floor, 50 kw, 365 days/year, 24 h/day to maintain indoor temperature at 200C via redundant cooling system
  • Entire cooling system: there is no dehydration of the air to prevent electrostatic charges
  • Heating (mechanical, delivered fully equipped and operational)
  • HVAC installation: automatically controllable and adjustable individually for each room or 35 m2
  • The heat recovery system uses unique technology allowing inlet air and exhaust air to cross at the equipment without intermixing. The equipment is capable of providing ideal ventilation at close to room temperature and humidity. The technology permits the intake of fresh air with minimal loss to indoor temperature. This leads to energy conservation and cost efficiency.


Data infrastructure

  • Optical fiber connection: for the exclusive use of tenants – is secured up to the tenants premises
  • Free choice of voice/data provider
  • The cabling is done under the technical floor, with 1 floor socket for each 2 operating station. Each socket contains 4 data lines (CAT6) and 6 power lines (220V)
  • The data lines are centralized on each floor in the IT room

The first green building in Cluj-Napoca

When you are a pioneer your challenge is twice as hard, but your work will be useful for everyone that comes after you. We are proud to be the first business center with a green building certification in Cluj-Napoca. The US Green Building Council certification is among the most prestigious ones at international level – we voted for this option of the belief that being in harmony with the environment is essential for business today.

Important aspects of the certification process:

  • Health & Wellbeing – natural light, lighting, thermal comfort, air quality
  • Energy – energy efficiency, metering, renewable sources
  • Water consumption – recycling, leak detection, metering
  • Selective waste collection – continuous during operation of the building
  • Land Use and Ecology – protection of ecological features, site selection
  • Pollution – NOx emissions, detection of refrigerant leaks, limiting water, light and noise pollution
  • Materials – recycling, sustainability, without VOC emissions


Electrical infrastructure

  • Own medium tension transformer with 1000 kVA a capacity connected directly to the high-tension transformer station
  • Own power back-up 650 kVA generator for emergency situations, which can supply the entire building consumption, including the central HVAC system
  • Own UPS: 100 kVA, for all IT rooms in the building
  • High efficiency lighting fixtures in the suspended ceiling, providing 500 lux at desk height
  • Automatic emergency lighting in accordance with Romanian and European Union legislation with the designated proportion of luminaries connected a back-up battery
  • Separate power metering of tenant’s sub distribution board(s)
  • Power distribution panel/switch boards: at every floor level for the exclusive use of tenant, 15% reserve capacity, lightning protected
  • Multipoint reference grounding system
  • Horizontal power distribution infrastructure on office floors: 8* 220V 16A sockets
  • Separate switchboard groups with sufficient 220V 16A sockets for general use (cleaning, maintenance, etc.)

Building Administration

  • The provision of security and safety services through a security licensed company, with specialized trained agents and through a monitoring system continuously 24 hours / day, 365 days / year. (Surveillance cameras on every level and in the parking areas)
  • Reception services throughout the year during office hours from 08:30 until 17:00
  • Provision and maintenance of fire prevention and firefighting equipment
  • Providing building management services; exploitation and maintenance of the building and the infrastructure, including coordination of activities for remedy of faults, repairs and improvements
  • Drains maintenance, roads and sidewalks cleaning, drainage services
  • Removal of snow and ice
  • Cleaning, maintenance and repairs of all facilities designated for use of all tenants, common areas on every business day
  • External cleaning for windows and external cleaning for façade every six (6) months and all maintenance services applying
  • Light maintenance and replacement for common areas
  • Gardening works, including continuous garden care
  • The provision of garbage containers in the building and a controlled selective waste collection area
  • The lighting, maintenance, cleaning and supervision of the parking areas
  • Service inspections and maintenance for all the equipments and installations

Business lounge

60 seats
72 m2

Rooftop terrace

300 m2


150 seats
355 m2

Business Lounge

  • situated at the ground floor of the building, with a surface of 72 m2
  • it has a capacity of 60 seats


Rooftop Terrace

  • Amera Tower is, today, the highest building in Cluj Napoca, having 46 m
  • This height offers a special panorama over the city
  • With a surface of 300 m2, it can be used during coffee breaks, or grill – parties by the tenants


Amera Tower Restaurant

  • situated at the Ground floor of the Office Building, with a surface of 355 m2, placed on two levels
  • the capacity of the restaurant is 150 seats
  • it is equipped with two hot lines, one cold line and one pastry line
  • opened every business day to serve breakfast, lunch or snacks between 7.30-18.00


Surveilance and security system

  • 24/24 h. basis security agents assured by a specialized company
  • Access control system based on entrance cards for common areas and elevators, differentiated for employees and visitors (visitor cards)
  • 24 surveillance cameras, with 30 days data’s storage capacity
  • Barrier system with access cards and/or ringtone with video interphone
  • Lighting system for the exterior parking area
  • Main entrances access: card reader/system controlled
  • Floor entrances access: card reader/system controlled
  • Secured rooftop terrace access


Anti-fire safety system

  • Gas free building
  • Smoke and heat detectors, hand signal buttons and warning alarms, all conected to a switchboard in the security agent’s room
  • Lightning rod
  • The fire extinction system is composed of 2 hydrants on each level, 4 exterior hydrants connected to group pumps and a 300 m3 water reservoir
  • Dry hydrant column
  • Fire drencher system
  • 2 staircases with 4 flows out, exiting in 2 opposite sides
  • The IT room and staircase walls are fireproof, having a degree of resistance in case of fire of 60 minutes
  • The aluminum joinery between the lobby buffer, the office spaces and the staircases is especially built for resisting fire for 60 minutes

Ensuring stability and continuity of utilities

  • The main telecommunication and internet providers offer their services through fiber optic cables
  • The building has its own medium tension transformer with a 1000 kVA capacity connected directly to the high-tension transformer station
  • Own UPS: 100 kVA, for all the IT rooms in the building
  • Own power back-up generator (650 kVA) for emergency situations
  • Available electricity power on each level is 40 KW/h
  • The heating and ventilation is assured by equipments installed in the ceiling with a 25 m3/6 m2/h fresh air contribution. This heating system is running with VRF type pumps.

Service building: Private Kindergarten & Training Center

The multifunctional building is composed of 3 floors suited for kindergarten and 2 floors of offices and training rooms.
The building is equipped with a 4-person elevator and a fire escape for the kindergarten floors.
The kindergarten capacity is 60 children, divided on 3 groups according to age.
The building has a courtyard equipped with playground furniture and green space, with an area of 400 m2.
Total net surface for Kindergarten: 595,93 m2 assigned in Ground Floor + 1st and 2nd Floor.
Total net surface for Training Center: 235,38 m2 assigned in 3rd Floor and 4th Floor.

It is through education that all the good in the world arises.” – Immanuel Kant

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