Paul Lannoye

Paul is a Real Estate and Construction Professional with 30+ years’ experience, successfully directing real estate projects from initiation to completion in a wide range of sectors including commercial property, residential property, large infrastructure projects, etc. in locations in Europe, the Middle East and East Asia.

During his long career Paul held senior and top management positions with major construction and real estate development companies in the Middle East (3 years), Singapore (4 years), Hong Kong (7 years), Fiji Islands (4 years), France (2 years), Poland and Belgium (8 years).

In 2008 Paul moved to Romania to handle the business development for a large precast concrete factory set up in Ploiesti by the Irish conglomerate CRH. After completing that mission in 2009, Paul established Mayerlanco Consulting SRL, a consulting company based in Bucharest, whose mission is to support its clients in the efficient development of real estate projects, from land acquisition through construction up to the sale or rent.

Since its inception, Mayerlanco Consulting has managed large real estate projects among which a large office project (>70.000 sqm GLA) in northern Bucharest and high-end residential real estate in southern France, and is currently managing a diverse portfolio of real estate developments in and around Bucharest.

Paul holds a bachelor degree in construction from the University College Ghent in Belgium. His outside interests include travelling, reading, socializing and keeping fit.


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