Jeroen Fabry

Jeroen Fabry

Jeroen arrived in 2005 in Romania, working for H. Essers. Currently he is Business unit manager Romania and Bulgaria for H. Essers.

H.Essers is a premium logistics provider that offers customized and integrated transportation and logistics solutions across Europe. The company was founded in 1928 by Henri Essers and has since become one of the leading companies in Europe within major transport and logistics sectors such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and high-quality products. For the past years the company has experienced a solid expansion, driven by organic growth and a number of strategic acquisitions. In 2016, H.Essers reported a turnover of € 590 million.

With 950,000 m² of warehouse space, a fleet of 1,460 trucks and 3,050 trailers, H.Essers is one of the largest and most successful logistics providers in Europe. The company has over 5,400 employees across 67 offices in 15 countries in Western and Eastern Europe. Along with their headquarters in Genk (Belgium), H.Essers also has a strong presence in Romania where it has over 750 employees on 7 locations.

Jeroen holds a Bachelor in Economics and Marketing from the university PXL Hasselt, Belgium and a Master degree in business administration from Arkansas State University, USA.

His outside interests are travelling, outdoor activities, culture and off course good restaurants.


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