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BEROBA, the Belgian Romanian Business Association, reaches out to the Belgian business community but not only. Members, who all have a common interest in promoting economic cooperation, seek also modalities to improve the information platform on doing business in Romania by organising powerlunches next to focused events of which the Belgian Week provides facilities for companies to organize seminars and to attract good company with a succulent Belgian food and beer environment showcasing quality and conviviality.

Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT) is the Flemish Government agency that offers a wide range of specialized services to companies in Flanders and abroad. In 2007, the Bucharest office was inaugurated. FIT Bucharest has organized over the years an impressive number of incoming economic missions, seminars, B2B meetings, promotional events and individual prospection trips for Flemish companies. For Romanian companies looking for quality suppliers of products or services from Flanders, FIT Bucharest can provide all information on financing and tax benefits to site location, recruitment of personnel and various contact persons. More info: FIT, Nicoleta Chirila, Head of the FIT office.

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